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Fiche des professeurs

Jean-Éric Tremblay

Associate professor

Contact informations :
Office : VCH 2056A
Phone : (418) 656-2131 poste 6140
Fax : (418) 656-2339
E-mail : jean-eric.tremblay@bio.ulaval.ca

University and professionnal qualifications :

Postdoctorat: Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar Research (Allemagne)
Ph.D. Université Laval, Québec
B.Sc. University of British Columbia

Member of Québec-Océan

Research fields :

Photosynthetic and nutritive ecophysiology of marine phytoplankton. Functional roles of phytoplankton in organic matter fluxes, food webs and the air-sea exchange of CO2. Biogeochemical cycles of carbon and essential elements in the ocean. Oceanography of polar and temperate seas.

Research programs :

Current research programs are focused on the photosynthetic and nutritive ecology of phytoplankton and the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in the
Arctic Ocean. Specifically, we investigate (1) the dynamics of subsurface chlorophyll maxima and their contribution to annual primary production (2) the importance for primary producers and bacteria of different inorganic and organic nitrogen sources originating from rivers, the atmosphere and the deep ocean, and (3) the current and potential response of the marine Arctic ecosystem to climate change. I currently lead two multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, one within the ArcticNet Network Center of Excellence (project 1.4: Marine productivity and the sustainable exploitation of emerging fisheries) and the other within the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study (CFL) as part of the International Polar Year.

Publications :
  • Garneau, M.-E, M. Gosselin, B. Klein, J.-E. Tremblay and E. Fouilland, (2007). "New and regenerated production during a late summer bloom in an Arctic Polynya.", Marine Ecology Progress Series, 345, 13-26.,  
  • Tremblay, J.-E. & W.O. Smith. (2007). "Primary production and nutrient dynamics in polynyas. IN: Polynyas: Windows into the World.", EDS: D.G. Barber & W.O. Smith. Elsevier, 239-270.,  
  • Tremblay, J-E., C. Michel, K.A. Hobson, M. Gosselin & N.M. Price. (2006). "Bloom dynamics in early-opening waters of the Arctic Ocean.", Limnology and Oceanography, 51, 900-912.,  
  • Tremblay, J.-E., H. Hattori, C. Michel, K.A. Hobson, M. Ringuette, C. Lovejoy, Z.-P. Mei, D. Amiel, K. Cochran, M. Gosselin & Louis Fortier. (2006). "Pathways of biogenic carbon flow in a highly productive Arctic polynya: the North Water.", Progress in Oceanography, 71, 402-425.,  
  • Mei, Zhi-Ping, L. Legendre, J.-E. Tremblay, L. Miller, Y. Gratton, C. Lovejoy, P. L. Yager & M. Gosselin. (2005). "Carbon to nitrogen (C:N) stoichiometry of the spring-summer phytoplankton bloom in the North Water polynya (NOW).", Deep-Sea Research I, 52, 2301-2314.,  
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Winter courses :
  • BIO-3253 : Écosystèmes marins

  • BIO-4900 : Écologie et environnement

  • BIO-6901 : Écologie et environnement: actualités

Département de biologie
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon, 1045, av. de la Médecine, Local 3058, Université Laval
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